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There are a variety of different badges that FXE offers its users the ability to obtain depending on what job function the specific user or employee has a need for.  A user can obtain one of the following types of cards:

Gate Card

Gate Cards will give the airport user access to specific gates; those gates will depend on where your leasehold is or where your business is.  The organization who has a lease with the airport of the will determine who needs a gate card and will provide an individual their OWN gate card that it not to be shared.  Once you are given a gate card from the organization that you will be doing business with, that organization will submit your information to the airport authority to activate your gate card.

It is highly important to understand that if the only card you have from the airport is your gate card, that dose not mean that you are authorized to drive in the movement area.

Movement Area | AOA Badge

This badge authorizes the badge holder to access the movement area while operating a ground vehicle.  To obtain this type of badge it requires a initial movement area course that will take place on the second to last Wednesday of every month and a renewal course that will take place annually on your birthday.  On the job type training will be provided by the company you work for on how to operate safely in movement area and ensure to the airport that you are ready to operate in the movement area.